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Parts Request


When it comes to ordering the right parts for your machine a good starting
point can be the website.

On the JDParts home page click on
the parts catalog.

This is the next screen you’ll see. Now let’s
look for a part for the X350 lawn tractor.

Type in X350 and click the “Find” button.
You’ll the be taken to the next screen which
is a collection of various schematic pages
with every part available for that tractor.


Lets say you need a “Battery”. On this screen
you have a choice of looking at various
schematic sections. In this case choose Alphabetical
and then the letter “B”. On the dropdown menu click
on “Battery”. The screen to the right will then
appear giving you a picture with corresponding
Key Numbers, Part Numbers, and the Part Names
on the lower ledger. Call in with the part number
to make sure we have what you need in stock.

We usually have batteries however there are
thousands of parts on thousands on Deere
model products
that we would need to order.

It can be a real time saver when you have
a part number before you call or come into
the store. Give it a try. . . . .

Here are some other links for “Parts Support”.

ARIENS – Similar to the above example with schematics and part numbers.

GRASSHOPPER – If you own a GRASSHOPPER mower the operators manual contains the parts
                         pages for your machine. For an electronic version of the manual you can
                         download it for free from this site.

TORO – A very nice “Parts Lookup” site for their equipment with schematics and part numbers.

STIHL– This site offer some helpful ‘How To” videos for STIHL Blowers, Chain Saws, Trimmers, etc.
a video on trimmer head line replacement. At this time STIHL does offer an online
           parts site.

As always, the people at the parts counter are here to help. Give us a call
or fill out the form below and
let us help you.

Lawn Mowers and Tractors – Gators – EZ Trak

Home Maintenance Kits from John Deere offer the do-it-yourself person everything needed to get the job done right. Genuine replacement parts include air, oil & fuel filters; spark plugs; and lubricant (all in one handy kit) with detailed instructions. The Kits are Model and Part # specific. To find the right kit number for your machine click here:

John Deere Kit Selection Page

DIY L&G Tractor Kit Video

Deere Compact Tractor Filters

Looking for a handy spot to find the right
filter Part #s for your Compact Tractor?
Here’s an excellent resource site:

John Deere Filter Reference Page

Here’s a miniature example

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